June 5th, 2010

Rally at the Town Clock
(Pacific and Water)



No Cover


Line up:

MC:  Shani Heckman
Diamond Daggers
Gaiety Girls About Town
Haute Haught Hotties
Ruby Vixen
Left of Oz
lez-queer musical comedy revue
Frootie Flavors
Beaver Fever
Tonilyn Sideco
Genea Gjaguar
Lisa Dewey
Ray Ray Drag King
Akiva Levi
Courtney Houston...and more!


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Below is a long log of our past events with resources thrown in whenever we become aware of them!

17th Annual
Santa Cruz
Dyke March
Sat June 6, 2009
Clock Tower


              YES WE DID!

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Community Licks

Lisa Dewey

The Santa Cruz Dyke March supports WAMM

Santa Cruz Dyke
March is free for everyone!

Yay for
C.A. Marriage!
So what changed?
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Diane Patterson - 2005


2009 Line Up Featured:


  • Frootie Flavors
  • Beaver Fever
  • Lisa Pawlak

    Other Pride Events:

  • DJ AD Pre-DYKE March Party! Come Party and get in the mood for Pride!

    Thursday June 4th, 2009 -10 PM till close at the MAD HOUSE BAR 529 SEABRIGHT SANTA CRUZ, CA

  • Lez Cruz's Pink Saturday Site
  • S.C Pride
We only need two more volunteers for Sunday February 28th? Anyone available? Candace Gingrich, out lesbian and half sister of Newt, will be in Santa Cruz on Sunday. She's speaking at 3:00 at the Merrill Center on the UCSC campus. If you can make it just print this out and show up:

Her talk is entitled "GenEQ: Supportive and Active for LGBT Equality." About 300 attendees are expected so good spot to get... signatures and the talk is free...they fight we say fight back!




*****Dyke March Past Events:*****

Afterwards this year's Pink Party is
at 515 Cedar St. with DJ AD spinning.

Its DYKE time! June 6th is the night before Pride
Rally at the Townclock @ 2:30pm and we will MARCH around 6:00....

 2009 Spoken Word:

  • Rivas
  • Valerie Leveroni Corral
  • Gloria Nieto
  • Terry Gilbert
  • Merrie Schaller
  • Deb Abbot
  • Mimi Peleg
  • Maria Perez
  • V Kingsley
  • Lex
  • Malcolm (+partner)
  • Nicole Little
  • Burlesque from SF
  • ...and more

We took out a 1/2 page advertisement in the Diversity Center's 2009 Resource Directory to
emphasize our reaction to proposition 8 passing  that will look like this:


Dr Wendy Chapkis
(University of Southern Maine Department of Sociology)
Drew on this under-used concept on 11/5/08 during a consolatory phone call the day after the election with Melissa Bernstein. In a political movement we need to have words to talk about what is happening in our let's talk vocabulary.  First we called it homophobia...then let's call it what is.... heterosupremacy.

A few heterosexual friends of mine have commented: "wait I'm a heterpsexual but I totally voted "No on 8" so I don't think that term fits! To them I say "yeah, it doesn't fit for you just like I don't call you a white supremacist just cause you are white".


Activists here is a camera ready version for your local paper.  The poster to the right downloads to print to an 8.5 x11 page: Hey now - want a gratis specialized size for your town paper? Okay. Email us. Our ad will originally appear on page 2 of the September 18th version of the Santa Cruz Good Times. Thank you to all those who donated to fund our ad to help spread the word. Please consider also volunteering at your local "No on 8" campaign. For more local Santa Cruz No on 8" info. check out:


This poster is FREE! Please use it.
Put it in your window, office etc. EVERYWHERE!


1,000,000 of
us Marched
on Saturday


We made Hetstory: "It was a colorful and somewhat jubilant crowd of all ages, with signs calling for love and equality and protesting hate and what one sign bearer called "hetero-supremacy."" (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

National contact info:
Facebook group:


2 to 4pm


Thanks to those who took the next step by attending the Town Hall Meeting on Marriage Equality:
For more information on future events: or 831-427-2586.




Special thanks to Grace and the good wimmin at LEZCRUZ!

The 16th Annual Santa Cruz Dyke March
Was Saturday May 31, 2008
Rally at 3:30 pm March at 6:15 pm
At the Clock Tower downtown Santa Cruz

On North Pacific Avenue and Water Street

The Annual Santa Cruz Dyke March has been happening for 16 years on the Saturday night before Gaysbian Pride.
The purpose of Dyke March is to increase lesbian visibility and activism.
We exercise our first amendment right to gather and without corporate sponsorship.

Thanks to all of this year's performers and participants!

Hey Mel ya big DYKE!

Santa Cruz Dyke March is a kid friendly event -- but may include sex, drugs and obscenities...
come on people...public is public!

Scrapbook of our past events:

    This year’s theme: 


Our theme reflects an Anti-Assimilation Pro Queer perspective. Santa Cruz Dyke March is no parade-
it is the practice of
CIVIL RIGHTS DEMONSTRATIONS. We oppose the Gaysbian movement about obtaining Eurocentric straight privilege and challenge the power structure.

      The Direct Action steps off at 6:15pm.  Featured performers are:    

MC - Cheri Lovedog Radical Cheerleaders Genea Gjaguar Jasmine
Gabriel Morte Frootie Flavors Lex and more…
Lisa Dewey Diane Patterson Beaver Cleaver  
Gloria Nieto

Something Wicked Fire Troupe


No more male-dominated, corporate-sponsored Pride events. Not a parade!

A direct action demonstration and a celebration of dyke visibility. Come out with your banners, signs, noise makers, and Be-you-to-the-full selves.


Media contacts: Cheri Lovedog or call 295-4112

Thanks in no small measure to Merrie Schallor and the GLBT Alliance for hosting a party Thursday May 15, 2008 to celebrate Gay Marriage Passing in California - here is how a few of us celebrated with her:



4/20/08: Thanks for a great Draggin' Fest Santa Cruz!